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Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Sheba and Cody

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Wordless Wednesday

I went into the conservatory to read only to find out it's been took over lol.

And Cody's hijacked Sheba's bed.

Friday, 28 August 2015

Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day.

First of all I'd offer a big thank you To Deborah Barnes author of  Zee & Zoey's Cat Chronicles for hosting this event and for the art work on the header. And to Ann Adamus from Zoolatry for bringing the event to our attention.

I really don't know where to start I always get emotional writing these sort of posts and have to stop to wipe away the tears before starting again.

All our fur babes have all been special in there own special way and have all been characters that have brought immense joy, pleasure and laughter.


07/2007 - 10/2009

We got Millie as a kitten from second chance rescue, we got told she was 8 weeks old but when we took her to our vets for a check up he  estimated her nearer to 5 weeks and was riddled with ear mites, apperantly she was found on a building site with her dead mother.

She was a sweet little thing that could fit in the palm of your hand when we got her, despite her size she ruled the house and put Sheba in her place I think  that's why Sheba likes cats so much now she's learned to respect them unfortunately it proved to be Millies downfall she thought every dog was loving like Sheba but unfortunately got killed by a neighbours dog after wandering into the wrong garden, We still feel guilty because Millie had been in the back garden while we were gardening but because it was a nice day instead of bringing her in we decided she could have another 30 minutes outside, Millies favourite past time was bringing toads into the house.


07/2007 - 10/2011

Oscar was the quiet one of the family, We got him a week after Millie from the same place he was very shy and used to stay upstairs out the way, he took to Anne straight away but took me about two years to win him around he wouldn't even let me stroke him always running away from me, we think he must of been abused because he was afraid of everything after a lot of perseverance I finally managed to win him around, we got told he was feral so that might of had something to do with it. Sadly we lost Oscar to FeLV we were left with no choice but to end his suffering you could just see it in his eyes that it was time to say good bye.


Coco was the cheeky chappy of the family very vocal and very loving, we acquired Coco from a neighbour in May 2013 unfortunately we had to say good bye to him last December, we took him to the vets for a check up  and got told he had a tumour on his kidneys and it was to big to do any thing so the  best thing was to say good bye to him. When we took him to the vets I never imagined we would be coming home without him.

One of my favourite photos, Coco giving Sheba a kiss.

Coco helping himself to my tea after removing the tea bag.

 Coco searching the fridge for his ham.

The lovely Ann from Zoolatry created this for us last year which I thought was lovely of her.

One thing we've learned over the years is to take plenty of photos and never take anything for granted because you never know when it might be time to say good bye.

And not forgetting Titch and Gannet our Russian Dwarf hamsters.


Frankie and Deano our rats.