Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Cocos life.

We got Cocos ashes back yesterday Monday 24/11/2014 the vets also gave us a lovely card. And had a little drink and lit a candle to celebrate his life I think it sounds better than his passing plus Coco wouldn't want us to be sad. He will be pain free and laying down the law now, he wasn't afraid to voice his opinion.

The card and lovely verse from the vets.

Thank you everyone for all your condolences Coco would of felt honoured knowing he was loved the world over and not just locally.

We've decided to plant a rose bush in his memory and scatter some of his ashes in the back garden and to scatter the rest on Conniston water whilst we're away on holiday.

Where we are scattering Cocos ashes it's nice and quiet with a bench to sit and have some quiet time.

Memorial print and plaque for the garden.

Some of the lovely tributes for Coco.

Kindly made by Ann Adamus from Zoolatry

We hadn't had Coco all that long but in the short time we had he left huge paw prints on our hearts.

It was 2 years to the day when Coco first walked through the front door but we didn't adopt him until May last year.

before we adopted Coco whenever we were walking up the road to the shops Coco would always follow us and either Anne or myself would have to wait at the top of the road so he wouldn't follow us to the main road, he would always wait until we were all together again and walk back with us chatting away and jumping up on the wall to give us head rubs. When we got home he would just walk in the house and go upstairs for something to eat and then sleep it off, he was hard faced and cheeky and knew what he wanted and invariably got it, it was his cheeky side which made Sheba like him so much he would never back down to her and was definitely the boss.

Coco had celebrity status around the neighbourhood everyone knew him because of his outgoing friendly nature he would stop for anyone who would offer him a stroke. Coco was a food thief and wouldn't think anything of walking in to a house and helping himself to a chicken or salmon fillet.

Before Coco moved in.

When we adopted Coco we kept him as an indoor cat and he never wanted to go back outside again.

Some photos showing Cocos happy/loving and cheeky side.

One thing our previous pets taught us was to take plenty of photos to go with the memories stored in our heads.

I was really looking forward to this Christmas with him he had settled in and his true character was showing through, one of my fondest memories was making a fish pie and Coco helping me in the kitchen he was chief taster when my back was turned I heard a slurping sound and he was drinking the milk out of the jug, he never failed to make us laugh, I've got to cook Christmas dinner without my little helper now it won't feel the same.

Cody and Sheba have been brilliant in helping us cope with our grief, now to see what surprises 2015 throws up for us, we always seem to get the poorly cats as if someone's saying show them love they've not got long with us.

Until we meet again you will never be forgotten.

Monday, 17 November 2014

RIP Coco.

Sadly we had to make that heart breaking descision to let Coco join the rest of the clan at Rainbow Bridge.

We got a phone call off the vets to say his kidneys were damaged but not critical and he needed all his teeth out, I thought that's not a problem I went to get the money to pay for his treatment when I got another phone call to say she had had another look at the ultra sound and had found a tumor.

After losing Oscar to FeLV I can't believe we've had to make the same heartbreaking descision again, It was in Coco's best interests though and we've always said we wont let a pet suffer no matter how hard it is to let go.

I just feel like shutting the outside world out and getting drunk I think It's only right we celebrate his life no matter how short it was.

RIP Coco.

Gone but never forgoten I might not of known you as long as I would of liked, but you spread a lot of happiness in that short space of time, tea time won't be the same without you trying to rob a sausage, pork pie or egg custard off my plate, I would give anything to get them nights back, and who's going to help me make fish pie.

Coco with his best mate.

Cody and Coco.

Please say your prayers for Coco.

Hi everyone we might not be around for a while, we've had to rush Coco to the vets and the vet thinks It's kidney failure she's just running tests now to determine it and if so he might not be coming home. Just waiting for a phone call now.

Please keep Coco in your thoughts.

I will keep you all updated but at the moment I don't feel like blogging.