Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Wordless Wednesday.

Are you sure there's no food in here for me.

Friday, 15 August 2014

Traveling with a reactive dog, #Woof Support.

I'm quite lucky with Sheba in the fact that she loves travelling in the car, probably because her first journey in a car was with us to her forever home and than trips to the countryside or park to make travelling fun for her instead of making it a negative experience by the first trip being to the vets.

It wasn't to bad when we had the other car a saloon Sheba would just fall asleep on the back seat.

But since we've changed cars to an estate things are different, Sheba loves having her own space in the back but instead of sleeping she will spend the whole journey sat up looking out of the back window, which is fine on the motorway but a nuisance around town where she barks at every dog she sees.

Our new car.

Sheba's quite happy in the back.

Sheba's even happy when surrounded by holiday stuff.

Sheba even thought on holiday this year she would share the driving.

I've tried using an anti bark collar on her, but I think I've got the only dog that likes the smell of citronella.

Another solution I'm looking at is a ThunderShirt or ThunderCap, US store.

ThunderShirt or ThunderCap, UK store.

I would try her in a dog crate with a towell or sheet over it, but she's never been crate trained so could end up stressing her out more.

Another solution was blacking out the rear windows but she would probably scratch it of.

I might give the Thunder Shirt a try as it will help calm her when the fireworks start hopefully.

If I'm driving fast enough I've drove passed the dog before she has time to react, but if I'm stuck at traffic lights she will just keep barking untill the dog is out of sight.

On a positive note her training with Ryan is going great and she has really took to him.  

Sheba making friends instead of enemies on holiday.

She's calmed down a lot around other dogs depending on there energy if there calm Sheba's calm but if there all boisterous and get in her face to much she will still put them in there place.

This is the WOOF Support Blog Hop, where reactive dogs and their owners can come together to share similar experiences.  Are you a reactive/fearful dog or its owner?  Then please join us and share your story.  The Blog Hop is open through Sunday.

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Me with the two favourite women in my life Mum and Grandma.

Me with the family Mum, Dad and Grandma.