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Sunday, 30 June 2013

5 Things Your Vet Should Never Say to You.

5 Things Your Vet Should Never Say to You

If you ever hear your veterinarian utter these words, it's time to get a new one -- right away. 

Do you have a great relationship with your dog's veterinarian? If you answer yes, cherish and nurture that relationship and thank your lucky stars. For every 10 dog moms and dads I encounter who tell me they love their veterinarian, there are probably two or three who tell me horror stories. For those totally fantastic, caring veterinarians out there who are dedicated to dog health and reading this article, I commend and applaud you. If any of the following hits a nerve and you are a practicing veterinarian, please change. The dogs of this world depend on you, as do the majority of loving dog parents.


Hi everyone i was asked to take the post down by Dogster you can view the full post here.

Post courtesy of Carol Bryant @ For the love of dog. Dogster. Carol can also be found on her blog @ Fidose of Reality. ps Carol i hope you don't mind me sharing your post off dogster.

I had to change Sheba's vets because i didn't like the way she was treated when she was a puppy she was nervous of the vets and the vet didn't help when she went to be Spayed she put her brakes on and didn't want to go into the consulting room so the vet grabbed the lead off me and dragged Sheba into the room saying he hasn't got time to mess around, and on another occasion our cat millie got attacked by a neighbours dog and was rushed to the local vet who Sheba was registered with they gave us a phone call to say they didn't think she would make it and could we go straight down to see them we were allowed to see Millie for 5 minutes which turned out to be the last time we saw her alive, they were more concerned about us paying for her treatment the vet was supposed to phone us with an update at 8am i waited until 10am never heard anything phoned them up only to be told she died at 3am and they had been to busy to phone me, when we went to collect Millies body they were sat around drinking tea I've never sat foot in the place since.

Than things changed for the better we phoned up the vet Millie was registered with explained what had happened and asked if he could arrange for her to be cremated, he even arranged for his receptionist to come and pick the body up in case i found it to stressful driving with her body in the car, when we got to the vets Simon the vet said said spend as long as you need to say goodbye.

The difference in professionalism is amazing we've got Cody and our going to get Coco registered with the same vet he only treats felines so there's no barking dogs in the waiting area he's more like a family friend instead of our vet he never rushes you and explains everything to you, he's one in a million i just wish i could find a vet as good for Sheba.

Here he is.


  1. What a great and informative post. Thank you Sheba and Ian!

    Oh, by the way, we had the privilege of meeting Carol Bryant and Dexter at BlogPaws. They are awesome! :)

  2. Thanks for sharing Ian. Regarding the articles written by vets about things that drive them crazy, they got vent somehow lol. After all, it's typically the people that drive us crazy and not the animals.

    And about them not having staff to check on your pet overnight, that also may be true. But if it's something you want, you should look into transferring them to an emergency hospital for overnight care. Or a good vet will recommend this if they don't offer overnight care. I worked 7 am - 7pm or later and lived 30-45 minutes away from the hospital. I would not be driving back up there in the middle of the night.

  3. We did not realise about 1/ but there rest we could not agree more. Have a serene Sunday and stay cool.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. Very good post! Absolutely could be said for cats too. I had to change my vet because of lack of obvious care and empathy with both human and animal!

  5. we adore Carol and that was one great post!! We do take Dakota for a yearly vaccine, but he doesn't get a ton of them!

  6. Hearing any one of those statements would have me running for the office door and searching for a new vet...Great post today

  7. What a great post, the vets i had as a puppy were rubbish, they only seemed to care about the money rather than the care of an animal! But my vets now are wonderful!!!
    Love Milo :)