Thursday, 28 November 2013

Happy Thanksgiving (How to keep your pets fit over the holidays)

Obesity rates have risen dramatically over the last few years, mostly contributed by over eating, poor diet and lack of exercise. Obese pets are usually accompanied by obese owners if owners exercised there dogs more it would improve there health as well.

I'm not saying they're bad owners they probably love there pets very much, but they are killing them with to much love.

I've heard people use excuses like it's to cold, to wet and a host of other excuses for not walking there dog if you're wrapped up well there's no excuse apart from laziness and if that's the case they would probably be better off with a cat or a gold fish as a pet.

I know times are hard financially but feeding cheap crappy food is not the way to go, all those colourings, E numbers and every other number number of the alphabet and all the other chemicals included plus most of the time it's not proper meat included it's all the crap scraped up off the slaughter house floor feathers saw dust, hooves and anything else that's lying around.

In the long run cheap food accompanied by lack of exercise works out more expensive because you end up with more frequent vet visits which don't work out cheap, cheap food will end up going straight through your dog were as better quality food stays in the system longer enabling the dogs to draw out the nutritional value from it so you end up feeding less and will also lead to firmer stools making it easier to clean up after them.


  1. I sure wish I was getting some turkey today:-(
    Those are great tips. Mummy wishes I didn't like bad weather but sadly I do so she has to bundle up in the winter mwahahaha

  2. Great (very sobering!) infographic and wonderful tips, dear pals. Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Have a tremendous Thursday.
    best wishes Molly

  4. great info, and great post! Thanks for the tips!